• SPIFE 4000 Zone ELP

    Touch Series

    Welcome to the next generation of the SPIFE family of electrophoresis analyzers, the Touch Series.

    The ESH Touch sample handler, the SPIFE Touch electrophoresis system and the QuickScan Touch densitometer integrate to provide a very versatile, workhorse solution suitable for all sized laboratories.

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  • V8 Capillary ELP

    Myeloma Module

    A new addition to the QuickScan Touch allows easy tracking, review and reporting of patient results over time.

    The new Myeloma Module takes the heavy lifting out of tracking the progression or regression of disease by unifying patient results into one powerful portal for easy review, interpreting and reporting. See for yourself.

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  • Hemostasis Point of Care

    IgG IEF for MS

    McDonald critera updates will increase emphasis on CSF oligoclonal banding. SPIFE IgG IEF can meet the need of this critical patient population.

    SPIFE IgG IEF uses the gold standard immunoblot method for identifying the OCBs in CSF, a hallmark of multiple sclerosis. Read the comments of pioneering expert Professor EJ Thompson on the use IEF and immunoblot versus IEF and immunofixation.

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  • AACC 2016 Workshops

    Capillary ELP

    For labs serving a general patient population and running more than 50 immunosubtractions and proteins per day, capillary electrophoresis is a cost-effective choice.

    The V8 Nexus offers 8 capillaries, the ability to run multiple assays simultaneously, random access for STATs, gel integration, and auto maintenance.

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Planning a Health Fair?

ColoCARE is a proven success for at home fecal occult blood screening. Special orders are available to meet the needs and scope of your screening program. Health fairs and employee screening programs are an important healthcare function. When considering which tests to include in your next program, consider the economy and effectiveness of the ColoCARE fecal occult blood test. Helena Laboratories is happy to work with program sponsors, providing assistance in designing a successful program with ColoCARE.


Health Fairs with Helena Laboratories