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Helena ColoScreen occult blood products have been a trusted brand in physician offices and clinical laboratories since 1981. Next generation ColoScreen iFOBT for immunochemical detection of human hemoglobin continues that tradition, offering the latest technology for screening of gastrointestinal disease, including colorectal cancer. ColoScreen iFOBT is a one-step lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay.



ColoScreen iFOBT exceeds the sensitivity standards recommended by the American Cancer Society for annual screening of everyone aged 50+. Early detection is the answer and ColoScreen iFOBT is the key!



Immunochemical assay Lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay with built-in QC
Highly specific Specific for human hemoglobin –
No interference from peroxidase or blood from dietary sources
Sensitivity of 50 µg/g feces Greater sensitivity to hemoglobin than standard guaiac assays
Easy, odor-free collection tube Sample maintains integrity during short-term storage




Cat. No. Item
5061 ColoScreen iFOBT Collection Tubes - 30/pkg
5062 ColoScreen iFOBT Test Cassettes - 30/pkg
5063 ColoScreen iFOBT Mailers - 30/pkg
5064 ColoScreen iFOBT Office Pack - 30/pkg






Testing is simple:

Patient sample is collected and transported in a unique collection tube containing stabilizing buffer with the built-in sampling wand.

In the laboratory, sample is dispensed from the collection tube directly into the test cassette.

Quality control and patient results are read in the window.



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