Column Chromatography
Column Chromatography

Glycosylated Hemoglobins, Calculated A1c

GLYCO-Tek Affinity Column KitGLYCO-Tek Affinity Column Kit

Cat. No. Item
5351 GLYCO-Tek Affinity Column Kit, 50 tests
  50 Affinity Columns
  1 x 50 mL GLYCO-Tek Hemolysate Reagent
  2 x 250 mL GLYCO-Tek Developer A
  1 x 200 mL GLYCO-Tek Developer B

GLYCO-Tek Affinity columns detect all glycosylated hemoglobins, not just HbA1, and are not affected by fluctuations in temperature and pH, or by the presence of abnormal, labile or carbamylated hemoglobins. GLYCO-Tek Affinity Columns are DCCT standardized and provide a fast, simple, and accurate assessment of G-Hb. If desired, an A1c value can be calculated based on the G-Hb affinity result. For QC, use GLYCO-Tek Controls (Cat. Nos. 5352, 5353).

GLYCO-Tek ControlsGLYCO-Tek Controls

Cat. No. Item
5352 GLYCO-Tek Control - Normal, 2 x 1 mL
5353 GLYCO-Tek Control - Abnormal, 2 x 1 mL

The reproducibility and stability of GLYCO-Tek Controls can add confidence to your test results. The controls contain glycosylated hemoglobins in the normal and elevated ranges. They are prepared from lyophilized hemolysates. Reconstituted controls are stable 2 weeks at 2 to 6°C.

Hemoglobin A2 Quik Column Assays


Beta-Thal HbA2 Quik Column KitBeta-Thal HbA2 Quik Column Kit

Cat. No. Item
5341 Beta-Thal HbA2 Quik Column Kit, 50 tests
  50 HbA2 Quik Columns
  1 x 130 mL HbA2 Developer
  1 x 20 mL Hemolysate Reagent-C

The Beta-Thal HbA2 Quik Column method is an anion exchange chromatography method that provides a rapid, accurate method for quantitating HbA2 and requires no specialized training or instrumentation. Total assay time is about 40 minutes.

Sickle-Thal Quik Column KitSickle-Thal Quik Column Kit

Cat. No. Item
5334 Sickle-Thal Quik Column Kit, 25 tests
  25 Sickle-Thal Quik Columns
  1 x 130 mL HbA2 Developer
  1 x 300 mL HbS Developer
  1 x 20 mL Hemolysate Reagent-C

The Helena Sickle-Thal Quik Column Method is designed to quantitate HbA2 in blood samples from individuals with Sickle Cell Trait. The Helena Sickle-Thal Quik Column allows elution of HbA2 while HbA, HbS and HbF and many other abnormal hemoglobins are retained on the column. HbA2 may also be quantitated in blood samples containing no abnormal hemoglobins. HbS may be eluted for quantitation if desired.

HbA2 Quik Column ControlsHbA2 Quik Column Controls

Cat. No. Item
5339  HbA2 Quik Column Control-Normal, 5 x 1 mL
5333  HbA2 Quik Column Control-Abnormal, 5 x 1 mL

The controls are used as quantitative controls for normal and elevated levels of HbA2 assayed by column chromatography. Controls are prepared from fresh, packed human erythrocytes. Reconstituted controls are stable 2 weeks stored at 2 to 6°C.

Quik Column Equipment KitQuik Column Equipment Kit

Cat. No. Item
5336 Quik Column Equipment Kit, 10 small tubes,
  10 large tubes, rack
5337 Quik Column Collection Tubes, 10 small, 10 large
5338 Quik Column Rack, 1 rack

The Quik Column Equipment Kit contains equipment needed to run the Helena glycosylated hemoglobin and HbA2 mini-column procedures. The Equipment Kit consists of one Quik Column Rack and a set of 10 small (3 mL) collection tubes and 10 large (15 mL) collection tubes. The collection tubes and rack may also be ordered separately.



GLYCO-Tek Affinity Column Kit

GLYCO-Tek Controls

Beta-Thal HbA2 Quik Column Kit

Sickle-Thal Quik Column Kit

HbA2 Quik Column Controls