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Buffer and Stain Accessories


  • bufferizer

Cat. No. Item
5093 Bufferizer, 1/pkg

Bufferizer is used to uniformly soak cellulose acetate membranes prior to electrophoresis. To use, place up to 12 dry membranes in a carrying rack; set rack in Bufferizer bottom; place Bufferizer top over bottom; pour buffer into top. Buffer gradually drips through a small hole in the top, allowing a uniform liquid front to move up the dry membranes. Eliminates air bubbles caused by uneven soaking.


Staining Sets and Carrying Racks

  • Staining sets
Cat. No. Item
5122 1000 mL Staining Set,-7 trays with lids, 1 rack
5110 Titan III Carrying Rack, 1/pkg

Staining set consists of 7 plastic trays with lids and a carrying rack for staining and soaking of cellulose acetate membranes. Trays hold 1000 mL of liquid. Carrying rack is designed to hold up to twelve 60 x 76 mm or 94 x 76 mm Titan III cellulose acetate membranes. One rack is included with the staining set; rack is also available separately.


Staining Dishes

  • staining dish
Cat. No. Item
4061 Staining Dish, 1/pkg
1362 REP-Gel Staining Dish, 10/pkg

The Lipoprotein Staining Dish is 175 x 102 x 50 mm and may be used for cellulose acetate and agarose lipoprotein electrophoresis procedures. The REP-Gel Staining Dish is 216 x 168 x 19 mm and may be used for REP procedures requiring staining.