Helena Laboratories Electrophoresis Supplies
Helena Electrophoresis Supplies

Electrophoresis Power Supplies


TITAN® Plus Power SupplyTITAN® Plus Power Supply

Cat. No. Item
1504 TITAN Plus Power Supply, 110V
1505 TITAN Plus Power Supply, 220V

TITAN Plus is a completely solid state unit. Digital voltage and current display provides greater accuracy in voltage selection. Synchronous electrophoresis timer assures precise control; timer automatically shuts off current and signals end of run. For use with cellulose acetate, agarose and agar. Recommended for use with Quick Gel Chamber, (Cat. No. 1284).

TITAN Plus Specifications

Voltage: 0-500 VDC. Digital display. Accuracy ± 3V.
Current: Up to 125 mA. Digital display. Accuracy ± 2 mA.
Chamber Requirements: Accepts all standard electrophoresis chambers
Timer: Synchronous, electrical. Up to 60 minutes automatic timing. Audiovisual signal indicates end of run. "Hold" allows for continuous operation beyond 60 minutes.
Safety Feature:
Fuse holder: 110V-1A; 220V-.5A, 3 prong plug, grounded chassis
Output Jacks: Two sets labeled three ways: + and -, Red and Black; Positive and Negative. Standard banana jack spacing.
Dimensions: 5" H x 10" W x 9.5" D (12.8 x 25.5 x 24.2 cm)
Weight: 11 lbs. (4.95 kg)

Electrophoresis Chambers and Accessories


TITAN GEL Chamber w/ Heat ShieldTITAN GEL® Chamber

Cat. No. Item
4063 TITAN GEL Chamber w/ Heat Shield, 1/pkg

The TITAN GEL Chamber is for Titan III cellulose acetate, TITAN GEL Agarose, Titan IV citrate agar and IEP gels. Disposable paper wicks or sponges allow use with electrophoresis media supported by a rigid, flat base up to 6" x 9". A heat shield is included to protect gels from heat buildup. Unique interlock system breaks electrical circuit when chamber lid is removed.


Zip Zone Chamber Wicks and sponge wicksPaper and Sponge Wicks

Cat. No. Item
5081 Zip Zone Chamber Wicks, 500/pkg
9014 Sponge Wicks - Short, 4 short sponges/pkg
9015 Sponge Wicks - Long, 2 long sponges/pkg

Zip Zone Chamber Wicks are disposable paper wicks used with the Titan III cellulose acetate system to provide buffer flow during electrophoresis. Sponge Wicks provide sufficient buffer flow during agar and agarose techniques such as IEP and citrate hemoglobin electrophoresis.


Chamber Cooling Device and Coolant SpongesCoolant Sponges

Cat. No. Item
5045 Coolant Sponges, 10/pkg

Coolant sponges keep chambers cool during separations where heat can cause denaturation. Store sponges in freezer, then place in center troughs of chamber during electrophoresis.



TITAN® Blotter PadsTITAN® Blotter Pads

Cat. No. Item
5034 Blotter Pads, 76 x 102 mm, 100/box
5037 Blotter Pads, 89 x 108 mm, 100/box
5098 Blotter Pads, 203 x 241 mm, 25/pkg


These soft, absorbent paper blotters are used to remove excess buffer or reagent from cellulose acetate membranes or agarose gels.

Note: Blotters for Helena agarose procedures are packaged in each gel kit.


Electrophoresis Buffers



Electra®, Citrate and Supre-Heme® BuffersElectra®, Citrate and Supre-Heme® Buffers

Cat. No. Item
5016 Electra® B1 Buffer Barbital/Sodium Barbital/Na Azide,
  10 x 13.1 g
5121 Citrate Buffer Sodium Citrate/Citric Acid, 10 x 15.5 g
5802 Supre-Heme® Buffer Tris-EDTA/Boric Acid, 10 x 14.6 g

Note: Appropriate buffers for  SPIFE, REP and TITAN GEL Agarose kits are packaged as part of each kit.

Stains, Clearing Solutions



Amido Black Protein Stain

Cat. No. Item
3048 Amido Black Protein Stain, 1 x 2.5 g

Used as an alternative to Coomassie Brilliant Blue in the TITAN GEL High Res Protein procedure and for other procedures requiring a good basic protein stain. Dissolve stain in 450 mL methanol, 450 mL deionized water and 100 mL glacial acetic acid.

Cat. No. Item
3049 TITAN GEL IEP Stain, 1 x 10 g
Coomassie Brilliant Blue stain for use with the TITAN GEL IEPlate Kit (Cat. No. 3047). Dissolve in 450 mL ethanol, 450 mL deionized water and 100 mL glacial acetic acid.

Cat. No. Item
5322 Lipoprotein Stain, 1 x 2.8 g
Fat Red 7B stain for use with Titan III-Lipo cellulose acetate. Dissolve stain in 1000 mL methanol.

Cat. No. Item
5036 o-Dianisidine, 1 x 2 g
Hemoglobin-specific stain for Titan IV Citrate Agar. Dissolve stain in 1000 mL methanol.

Cat. No. Item
5041 o-Tolidine, 1 x 2 g
Hemoglobin-specific stain yields blue-colored bands with Titan IV Citrate Agar. Not recommended when 5% acetic acid wash is used. Dissolve stain in 1000 mL methanol.

Cat. No. Item
5526 Ponceau S Stain, 1 x 105 g
Multi-purpose protein stain, especially useful for serum proteins and alkaline hemoglobins on cellulose acetate. Dissolve in 1000 mL deionized water.

Cat. No. Item
5005 Clear Aid, 1 x 250 mL
Clearing solution additive that prevents cellulose acetate from shrinking during the clearing step. Add this high molecular weight elastomer as directed in the cellulose acetate procedures for proteins and alkaline hemoglobins.

Cat. No. Item
4950 PermaClear, 1 x 1 L
A substitute for the clearing solution prepared with Clear Aid. Not recommended for use with AVES or AVES 2. Dilute PermaClear with deionized water (55 mL PermaClear/45 mL water).


Buffer and Stain Accessories



Bufferizer-to uniformly soak cellulose acetate membranes prior to electrophoresisBufferizer

Cat. No. Item
5093 Bufferizer, 1/pkg

Bufferizer is used to uniformly soak cellulose acetate membranes prior to electrophoresis. To use, place up to 12 dry membranes in a carrying rack; set rack in Bufferizer bottom; place Bufferizer top over bottom; pour buffer into top. Buffer gradually drips through a small hole in the top, allowing a uniform liquid front to move up the dry membranes. Eliminates air bubbles caused by uneven soaking.


Titan III Carrying Rack and Staining setsStaining Sets and Carrying Racks

Cat. No. Item
5122 1000 mL Staining Set, 7 trays with lids, 1 rack
5110 Titan III Carrying Rack, 1/pkg

Staining set consists of 7 plastic trays with lids and a carrying rack for staining and soaking of cellulose acetate membranes. Trays hold 1000 mL of liquid. Carrying rack is designed to hold up to twelve 60 x 76 mm or 94 x 76 mm Titan III cellulose acetate membranes. One rack is included with the staining set; rack is also available separately.


Helena Staining DishesStaining Dishes

Cat. No. Item
4061 Staining Dish, 1/pkg
1362 REP Gel Staining Dish, 10/pkg

The Lipoprotein Staining Dish is 175 x 102 x 50 mm and may be used for cellulose acetate and agarose lipoprotein electrophoresis procedures. The REP Gel Staining Dish is 216 x 168 x 19 mm and may be used for REP procedures requiring staining.

Incubation Chamber and Development Weight


TITAN GEL Isoenzyme Incubation ChamberIncubation Chamber

Cat. No. Item
4062 TITAN GEL Isoenzyme Incubation Chamber, 1/pkg

The TITAN GEL Isoenzyme Incubation Chamber is 171 x 89 x 6 mm and holds one gel. It maintains adequate humidity during the incubation process when running TITAN GEL CK and LD isoenzyme and ImmunoFix procedures.



Development Weight can be used to press agarose gelsDevelopment Weight

Cat. No. Item
5014 Development Weight, 102 x 108 mm, 1/pkg

The Development Weight can be used to press agarose gels. The weight also provides a constant surface temperature for incubating cellulose acetate membranes. Membranes are sandwiched between a prewarmed weight and a glass slide, then placed in incubator.




Sample Application Devices

Super Z, Super Z-12, Super CK, and Macro Z applicator


Super Z, Super Z-12, Super CK, and Macro Z applicators are used with Titan III cellulose acetate. Tips are photo-etched stainless steel and independently suspended to eliminate application artifacts. The only pressure exerted on the cellulose acetate is the weight of the tip. Super Z and Z-12 applicators hold 0.25 μL of sample; Super CK applicator holds 0.5 μL. Super Z and Super CK applicators apply 8 samples simultaneously, Super Z-12 applies 12 samples. Macro Z applicator, available in 4-sample or 6-sample size, provides a wider electrophoresis pattern. Use Zip Zone Prep (Cat. No. 5090) to clean tip.

electrophoresis supplies


Applicator Applicator Kit* Applicator Sample Well Plate Aligning Base Replacement Tips
  System 1/pkg 2/pkg 1/pkg 2/pkg
  Cat. No. Cat. No. Cat. No. Cat. No. Cat. No.
Super Z 4088 4084 4085 4086 4087
Super Z-12 4093 4090 4096 4094 4087
Super CK       4094  
Macro Z (6)       4094  

*Includes applicator, 2 sample well plates, aligning base and a bottle of Zip Zone Prep.

Zip Zone® and Titan® IV Applicator SystemZip Zone® and Titan® IV Applicator System

Cat. No. Item
4080 Zip Zone Applicator, 1/pkg
4081 Zip Zone Sample Well Plate, 1/pkg
4082 Zip Zone Aligning Base, 1/pkg
4083 Titan IV Aligning Base, 1/pkg
5090 Zip Zone Prep, 1 x 60 mL

Zip Zone Applicator System is used with Titan IV Citrate Agar Hemoglobin Electrophoresis. Plastic tips apply samples uniformly without cutting agar. Titan IV Aligning Base allows two off-center applications for a total of 16 samples. Use Zip Zone Prep to clean applicator tips.

5 μL Microdispenser and Glass Bores5 μL Microdispenser

Cat. No. Item
6008 5 μL Microdispenser, 1 dispenser, 100 bores
6010 Glass Bores, 100/pkg

Microdispenser features precision stainless steel plunger and disposable glass bores. Aluminum "collars" allow dispensing from 1 to 5 μL, in 1 μL increments.

Dialamatic Microdispenser and tubesDialamatic Microdispenser

Cat. No. Item
6210 10 μL Microdispenser, 1 mL increments 
6211 10 μL Dialamatic Tubes, 100/pkg
6225 25 μL Microdispenser, 1 mL increments 
6226 25 μL Dialamatic Tubes, 100/pkg
6250 50 μL Microdispenser, 2 mL increments 
6251 50 μL Dialamatic Tubes, 100/pkg
6276 100 μL Microdispenser, 100/pkg

Dialamatic Microdispensers feature: sample preset, stainless steel plunger (10 mL unit), replaceable plunger tips (25, 50, and 100 mL units), precision glass disposable bores, ± 1% volumetric tolerance.

Cat. No. Item Description
6228 Parts Kit for 25 μL Microdispenser 3 Teflon tips, 1 plunger, 2 o-rings,
    1 collet, 1 coil spring & 1 spring guide
6253 Parts Kit for 50 μL Microdispenser 3 Teflon tips, 1 plunger, 2 o-rings,
    1 collet, 1 coil spring & 1 spring guide

REP and REP 3 Accessories


REP Preparation solutions, REP Prepper

Cat. No. Item Description
1574 SUREprep 3 x 250 mL
3100 REP Prep Solution 1 x 250 mL

SUREprep is a priming agent for REP applicator tips, ensuring precise sample application. It's also a cleaning agent for the tips. REP Prep is a wetting agent applied to the floor of the electrophoresis chamber to promote complete contact between gel and chamber floor. The dispenser bottles make it easy to apply SUREprep and deionized water; packaged to provide one dispenser each for SUREprep and deionized water. REP Prepper is a device for air-drying the pre-cut sample wells in REP gels. Sample wells must be free of moisture when samples are applied in order to maintain precise sample absorption.


REP and REP 3 Accessories and Replacement Parts

Cat. No. Item Description
1044 DZA Replacement Lamp for REP (not for REP 3) 1/pkg
1117 UV Replacement Lamp 1/pkg
1361 REP/SPIFE Contact Sheets 5/pkg
1362 REP Gel Staining Dish   10/pkg
1364 Replacement REP Pipette Assembly  



REP and REP 3 Electrodes, Reagent Spreaders

(Not interchangeable between REP and REP 3)
Cat. No. Item Description
1349 REP IEF (Isoelectric Focusing) Electrodes & Adapters 3 electrodes, 2 adapters
1360 REP Electrodes 2/pkg
1363 REP Glass Rods (for ALP, LD, HDL) 2/pkg
3387 Applicator Blade Weights (for SPIFE, REP) 3/pkg
3706 Reagent Spreaders for SPIFE 3000 and REP 3 2/pkg
3704 SPIFE/REP 3 IFE Electrodes & Adapters 3/electrodes, 2 adapters
3709 SPIFE/REP 3 Replacement Electrodes 2/pkg


Printer Supplies and Diskettes for REP Analyzers

Cat. No. Item Description
1424 Toner Cartridge for Brother 1240 or 1440 Laser Printer  1/pkg
1425 Drum for Brother 1240 Laser Printer 1/pkg
1465 Toner Cartridge for Brother HL-630 Laser Printer 1/pkg 1/pkg

Miscellaneous Electrophoresis Supplies

Micropreparation DishMicropreparation Dish

Cat. No. Item
8003 Micropreparation Dish, 1/pkg

The micropreparation dish is convenient for preparing samples for hemoglobin procedures and fetal lung maturity testing by TLC. It is constructed of chemically resistant nylon. Eight separate sample areas accommodate volumes of 1 mL or less. The conical shape assures easy access to entire sample solution.


Titan® and TITAN GEL® Plastic Envelopes.Titan® and TITAN GEL® Plastic Envelopes

Cat. No. Item
5052 Titan Envelopes, 121 x 64 mm, 200/pkg
5053 Titan Envelopes, 115 x 102 mm, 100/pkg
5054 TITAN GEL Envelopes, 86 x 156 mm, 100/pkg

These clear plastic envelopes, with convenient overlapping sleeve, enable you to store completed electrophoresis membranes and gels without scratching or tearing. They afford ideal protection for both completed TITAN III cellulose acetate and TITAN GEL agarose gels. Cat. No. 5054 can be used with Iso·Dot and Multi-Slot gels.


Titan ID LabelsIdentification Labels

Cat. No. Item
5006 Titan Envelopes, 121 x 64 mm, 200/pkg

Titan ID Labels are convenient, pressure-sensitive identification labels for Titan III membranes. Simply press label onto edge of membrane or Titan Plastic Envelope to provide a paper surface on which to identify the sample.


Helena Black MarkerHelena® Marker

Cat. No. Item
5000 Helena Marker, 1/pkg

The Helena Marker can be used to write identifying information on the support side of cellulose acetate membranes and agarose gels. Will not wash off in most solvents.

Helena glue sticksHelena® Glue Stick

Cat. No. Item
5002 Glue Stick, 1/pkg

The Glue Stick is an easy-to-use adhesive for mounting densitometric tracings on the report forms.


CliniScan 2, CliniScan 3, EDC Accessories, Parts and Service

Cat. No. Item
1044 DZA Replacement Lamp for REP, EDC, CliniScan 2
1047 Optical Density Step Tablet, 1/pkg
1117 U.V. Replacement Lamp for REP, EDC, CliniScan 2

Neutral Density Densitometer Control

Neutral Density Densitometer Controls

Cat. No. Item
1031 Neutral Density Densitometer Control for QuickScan

The NDDC can be used to verify densitometer accuracy. The NDDC provides a test scan with known values for 5 fractions. To use, scan the NDDC as you would an electrophoresis pattern. The values obtained should correlate to the printed values for each fraction.




Neutral Density Densitometer Controls

Neutral Density Densitometer Controls

  Cat. No. Item
  1047 Optical Density Step Tablet (10-step)
  The Optical Density Step Tablet is a valuable tool for checking the linearity of a densitometer and for estimating the optical density of electrophoresis and TLC fractions.


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