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City? State? Zip?


Myeloma Module

Would the Myeloma Module for CE and zone electrophoresis be helpful to your laboratory? Yes No Maybe

Would a web-based demo be helpful to your staff? Yes No Maybe

Any changes or suggestions?

SPIFE 4000

Which automated zone elp procedures are of interest to your lab? ImmunoFix Proteins Cholesterol Alk/Acid Hgb IEF Hgb

What volume of testing best describes your lab? High Medium Low

Any changes or suggestions for improving SPIFE 4000?

Would an evaluation of SPIFE 4000 be of interest to you? Yes No Maybe

Nexus V8 Capillary Electrophoresis

Is your laboratory interested in capillary electrophoresis? Yes No Maybe

Which assays would your lab be most likely to use?

Proteins Immunodisplacement Hb IEF

Any changes or additional assays you would like for the Nexus V8?

Integrated Solutions: SPIFE Touch - QuickScan Touch - ESH Touch

Which features of the new Touch series are most important to your lab?

Myeloma module Smaller footprint Touch screen UI Faster throughput Positive ID

Any suggestions for the Touch Series?

Would you like more information on any of the following?

SPIFE Touch QuickScan Touch ESH Touch QuickGel Chamber

Occult Blood Testing - ColoScreen iFOBT

Would a new ColoScreen immuno FOBT method be of interest? Yes No Maybe

Any suggestions for this test?

Is your institution planning a community screening this year? Yes, send me a screening kit with sample

Our next screening is:

Plateletworks Platelet Function Testing

What assay does your institution use to monitor transfusion resources or antiplatelet therapies?

Where would this assay be used in your institution?

Catheterization Lab Neurology Surgery Emergency Department Other

Would you like more information on Plateletworks and Mindray BC-3600? Yes No Maybe

Would you like a demonstration of Plateletworks and Mindray BC-3600? Yes No Maybe

Actalyke ACT Testing

What features of the new Actalyke Ultra are most important to your lab? Touch screen UI Administrative software Portability

What other features would you like to see?

Would you like more information? Yes No Maybe

Helena Plastics Products

Would you like more information on any plastics products? C-Pette H-Pette New urine cup Tip Tops Centrifuge tubes P-Splitter Other

If "Other," what other products are of interest to you?

Focus Group Evaluation

Any other comments or ideas you'd like to share?

Please send me a Waldseemuller map!

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