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QuickGel Assays

Automate or Manual

Automate with SPIFE
QuickGels can be used on the SPIFE system to take advantage of the system's automated sample application, separation and staining.

Easy to Use, Manual System
The QuickGel Chamber and Titan Plus Power Supply are designed for cost-effective separations with QuickGels.

Quality on a Smaller Scale
QuickGel electrophoresis products are compact and easy-to-use, allowing cost-effective manual separation without sacrificing quality or accuracy. QuickGel Chamber features a cooled electrophoresis platen and built-in carbon electrodes. Just set the QuickGel in place and close the lid to begin electrophoresis. With a quick change of the lid, the QuickGel chamber also serves as an incubator and dryer. The TITAN Plus Power Supply is well-suited for use with the QuickGel chamber.


An Immunofixation Tutorial

This guide is intended as a primer to the use and interpretation of immunofixation for characterizing monoclonal proteins (M-proteins) in human serum and urine. It contains examples of common and MGUS patterns, as well as those with complex, multiple proteins and light chains. Suggestions for follow-up testing and interpretive comments are included.


immunofix tutorial




QuickGel IFE

QuickGel Cholesterol Profile Gel


QuickGel ImmunoFix is intended for the qualitative identification of monoclonal gammopathies in serum or urine using protein electrophoresis and immunofixation. Kits are complete with gels and antisera for performing two patient profiles per gel or profiling a patient’s serum and urine simultaneously. The affinity and avidity of the antisera is balanced for highest sensitivity with least amount of background blush. Use of acid violet stain enhances visualization of patterns for ease in interpretation.








QuickGel IFE Kit for QuickGel Chamber

  • QuickGel IFE Kit

Cat. No. Item Description
3551T QuickGel IFE Kit 10 x 2 profiles

Kits include: 10 QuickGel IFE Gels, Acid Violet Stain, Tris-Buffered Saline, Citric Acid Destain, QuickGel Blotters, QuickGel IFE Blotter Combs, 20 IFE Templates, and 1 vial each Fixative, IgG, IgA, IgM, Kappa and Lambda antisera.

For SPIFE QuickGel IFE Kit, see Cat. No. 3351.

Additional Supplies for QuickGel IFE Procedure

  • Additional Supplies for QuickGel IFE

Cat. No. Item
3552 QuickGel IFE Antisera Template
1258 QuickGel Dispo IFE Sample Cups (50/pkg)
1272 QuickGel IFE Applicator Blades (10/pkg)