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QuickGel Assays

Automate or Manual

Automate with SPIFE
QuickGels can be used on the SPIFE system to take advantage of the system's automated sample application, separation and staining.

Easy to Use, Manual System
The QuickGel Chamber and Titan Plus Power Supply are designed for cost-effective separations with QuickGels.

Quality on a Smaller Scale
QuickGel electrophoresis products are compact and easy-to-use, allowing cost-effective manual separation without sacrificing quality or accuracy. QuickGel Chamber features a cooled electrophoresis platen and built-in carbon electrodes. Just set the QuickGel in place and close the lid to begin electrophoresis. With a quick change of the lid, the QuickGel chamber also serves as an incubator and dryer. The TITAN Plus Power Supply is well-suited for use with the QuickGel chamber.











QuickGel Lipoprotein

QuickGel Cholesterol Profile Gel















QuickGels allow small-volume laboratories to perform lipoprotein pnenotype testing with excellent separation of alpha, pre-beta, and beta lipoproteins, as well as chylomicrons. Samples are stained using a traditional lipoprotein stain, Fat Red 7B. Stained bands may be visually inspected for qualitative results or may be quantitated using QuickScan 2000 or a scanning densitometer at 525 nm.



QuickGel Lipoprotein for QuickGel Chamber

  • Quickgel Lipoprotein for QuickGle Chamber

Cat. No. Item Description
3544T QuickGel Lipoprotein Kit 10 x 10 samples

Kit includes: 10 QuickGel Lipoprotein Gels, Lipoprotein Stain, 10 QuickGel Blotters A and C, 20 QuickGel Blotter X, 10 QuickGel Templates,
For SPIFE QuickGel Lipoprotein Kit, see Cat No 3444.


Lipoprotein Control

  • Lipoprotein Control

Cat. No. Item Description
5069 LipoTrol 5 x 1 mL

LipoTrol fills the need for a reliable commercial control for lipoprotein electrophoresis. It contains alpha, pre-beta, and beta lipoprotein bands. The relative percent of each band is assayed. The control is prepared from human serum. Reconstituted control is stable 3 days at 2 to 8-C.