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The SPIFE Touch separates and develops up to 1400 SPE samples or 210 IFE profiles in an 8-hour shift, with integrated sample and reagent application. Its barcode "lockout" feature provides positive ID between sample tray and electrophoresis gel.

SPIFE Hemoglobins IEF

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Isoelectric focusing is a powerful tool for the identification of hemoglobinopathies. The technique involves the production of a stable pH gradient of carrier ampholytes by an electric field. Most protein, when placed in this pH gradient, will exhibit a net positive or negative charge. Under the influence of an electric field, individual proteins migrate towards an electrode of the opposite charge and consequently towards their isoelectric point (pI). During the process, individual proteins lose charge and their migration decreases. When the protein reaches its pI, it carries no net charge and stops migrating.

SPIFE's powerful temperature and voltage/current control, automation and speed make IEF available as a convenient, routine clinical laboratory procedure. SPIFE produces crisp, sharply resolved hemoglobin bands with final results for up to 30 samples in only 75 minutes. Because the isoelectric point of any protein is an absolute value, isoelectric focusing may reveal many more abnormal hemoglobins than conventional electrophoretic or column methods.



Advantages of SPIFE Hemoglobin IEF

- Easy run set up for up to 30 samples
- Auto sample prep with optional Sample Handler
- Automated electrophoresis with temperature control
- Hemoglobins succinctly separated by pl


SPIFE Hemoglobin IEF Kit

Cat. No. Item Description
3428 SPIFE Hemoglobin IEF Kit (300 tests) 10 x 30 samples/gel
Kit includes: 10 Gels, Hemolysate Reagent

Additional Supplies and Equipment for SPIFE Hemoglobin IEF Procedure: AFSC Hemo Control (Cat. No. 5331), AA2 Hemo Control (Cat. No. 5328), REP Prepper (Cat. No. 1359), SPIFE IgG IEF Square Electrode (Cat. No. 3703), SPIFE IEF Electrodes and Adapters (Cat. No. 3704)