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TITAN GEL Immunoelectrophoresis



IEP is a reliable and accurate method for routine serum and urine protein evaluations, detecting both structural abnormalities and concentration changes. It has been widely used in identification of monoclonal gammopathies. Immunoelectrophoresis (IEP) combines two techniques, electrophoresis and immunodiffusion. In this two-part procedure, proteins are first separated by electrophoresis. Then antisera, complementary to the proteins under study, are applied to the gel and allowed to diffuse. When a favorable antigen to antibody ratio exists, a precipitin arc forms on the gel.

Both thick and thin gels are available for performing immunoelectrophoresis. The thick agarose, on a rigid plastic backing for ease of handling, requires a larger volume of antisera and patient samples, and forms a dense precipitin arc easily interpreted and photographed without staining the gel. The thin agarose gel, on a flexible plastic backing, provides economical use of antisera and lends itself to staining and drying of the gel for a permanent record.


TITAN GEL Immunoelectrophoresis

  • Quickgel Chamber
Cat. No. Item
3047 TITAN GEL IEPlate Kit, 10 IEPlates plus blotters

TITAN GEL IEPlates provide fast, economical immunoelectrophoresis. The thin gel uses a reduced sample volume of 2 mL and antisera volume of 25 mL which means tremendous cost savings. Each gel has eight wells and seven troughs to accommodate a wide variety of antisera profiles. After an 18-hour incubation, non-precipitated proteins are washed from the gel. The gel can then be stained, destained and dried within one hour. The printed plastic backing makes sample and control identification easy and includes a preprinted scale for measuring migration distance.

Cat. No. Item
9231 Antisera to Human IgA, Heavy Chain Specific, 1 x 2 mL
9232 Antisera to Human IgG, Heavy Chain Specific, 1 x 2 mL
9233 Antisera to Human Whole Serum, 1 x 2 mL
9234 Antisera to Human IgM, Heavy Chain Specific, 1 x 2 mL
9236 Antisera to Human (IgG, A, M) Trivalent, Heavy Chain Specific, 1 x 2 mL
9249 Antisera to Human IgD, Heavy Chain Specific, 1 x 2 mL
9250 Antisera to Human IgE, Heavy Chain Specific, 1 x 2 mL
9251 Antisera to Human (IgG, A, M, D, E) Pentavalent, Heavy Chain Specific, 1 x 2 mL
9257 Antisera to Human Lambda, LIght Chain Specific, 1 x 2 mL
9262 Antisera to Human Kappa, Light Chain Specific, 1 x 2 mL

Helena's antisera are produced in goats or sheep.




  • Titan Gel IEP Stain
Cat. No. Item
3049 TITAN GEL IEP Stain, 1 x 10 g

The stain is a Coomassie Brilliant Blue Stain in powder form designed especially for use with the TITAN GEL IEPlate Kit (Cat. No. 3047). Stain is dissolved in 1 L mixture of water, ethanol, and glacial acetic acid.

Remember:- IEP Sponge Wicks - Long (Cat. No. 9015), Dialamatic 1-10 μL Microdispenser (Cat. No. 6210), Electra B1 Buffer (cat. No. 5016),- Normal Human Serum Control (Cat. No. 9010),- Albumin Marker (Cat. No. 9011).



QuickGel Cholesterol Profile Gel











Cat. No. Item
9050 Titan IV IEPlates - 8 wells, 7 troughs, 5 gels/pkg
9061 Titan IV IEPlates - 7 wells, 6 troughs, 5 gels/pkg

Titan IV IEPlates are a thick agarose gel on a rigid plastic support. Each gel has a plastic lid and a reusable plastic pouch. Results may be interpreted without staining.

Cat. No. 9050 (see picture) has 8 wells and 7 troughs. Gels require 4 mL of sample and 75 mL of antisera. The well position is 17 mm from the cathode end of the trough. The recommended migration distance is 40 mm.

Cat. No. 9061 has 7 wells and 6 troughs. Gels require 4 mL of sample and 150 mL of antisera. The well position is 23 mm from the cathode end of the trough. The recommended migration distance is 20 mm. Precipitin arcs on this gel are slightly shorter and broader than those obtained with Cat. No. 9050.


Double Diffusion Plates

  • Double Diffusion Plates
Cat. No. Item
9009 Double Diffusion Plates, 10 gels/pkg

Gels contain 15 wells in three, 5-well configurations. Useful in determining antisera titer, antigen/antibody ratio, checking purity of antigen preparations, etc.


Gel Trays

  • Gel Trays
Cat. No. Item
5009 Gel Trays, 76 x 102 mm, 20/pkg
5010 Gel Trays, 25 x 76 mm, 20/pkg

The 76 x 102 mm (3" x 4") gel tray is designed to be filled with 12.5 mL of liquid agarose. The 25 x 76 mm (1" x 3") trays require a 2.9 mL volume.


IEP Normal Human Serum Control and Albumin Marker

  • Normal Human Serum Control
Cat. No. Item
9010 Normal Human Serum Control, 1 x 2 mL
9011 Albumin Marker, 1 x 2 mL

The control is a stabilized liquid prepared from pooled normal human serum for use as a normal control serum for immunoelectrophoresis procedures. Albumin Marker is bromphenol blue which binds to albumin. The marker is added to the Normal Human Serum Control so the control can be used as a migration marker in immunoelectrophoresis procedures.

Remember:- IEP Sponge Wicks - Long (Cat. No. 9015),- Electra B1 Buffer (Cat. No. 5016).